A winter-themed Komori Event !

Welcome to Snowmori 2023 ! This is a super casual SFW fan event running from January 1 - January 31, 2023 celebrating all things winter and Komori Motoya.Art, fics, crafts, recipes, songs, long winded video essays, everything is welcome. As long as you've got winter vibes and Komori involved, you're good to go !

Everyone who submits an entry to Snowmori 2023 will get a free Snowmori sticker shipped to them -- anywhere in the world ! Shipping will be covered by ham.Everything counts -- from a little pencil doodle, to a tray of cookies, if you participate, you get a sticker !

Learn more about the mod (@h4mmiee) here !


Thank you so much for your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity ! We've loved seeing your creations come to life all month long. Don't forget to check out everyone's wonderful creations !

Follow the Snowmori twitter account to see everyone's creations !

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Click here for Ham's Snowmori ref sheet !

Click here for a list of optional prompts !

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What is Snowmori 2023 ?Snowmori 2023 is a month-long fan event celebrating all things winter and Komori Motoya ! It's meant to be a completely casual and fun event for anyone who wants to just do something fun over the holidays.How do I join Snowmori 2023 ?Create anything you want ! As long as it features Komori and has some sort of winter vibe going, that counts as a submission. Any type of content is welcome -- art, fics, poems, crafts, recipes, songs, anything ! The only rule is to please keep all submissions SFW.Don't forget to tag the Snowmori twitter account as well (@HQ_SNOWMORI) !How do I submit to my piece ?All you need to do is post your creation (or a link to your creation) on Twitter and tag (@HQ_SNOWMORI) to make sure we see it !Do I need to join the Snowmori Discord server?Joining isn't a requirement, and we'll try to get all important information posted on the Twitter account as well as the Discord server for those who aren't able to join the server. It's strongly encouraged that you join if you feel comfortable, but we'll make sure everyone gets the info they need for those who aren't able !How many submissions can I enter for the event?As many as you want ! There's no limit. But please note as Ham will be covering the costs for sticker manufacturing themselves, only one free sticker will be given per person. If you want more, let Ham know and we'll figure something out !Do I have to use Ham's Snowmori design ?Not unless you want to ! It's there to hopefully get some people inspired, but you are more than welcome to create your own Snowmori designs, or just use his regular appearance if you wish !Are ships allowed ?Yes ! Ships or no ships are both welcome. It doesn't even need to be a Komori ship -- just as long as Komori is involved somehow, you're good to go !Are the prompts required ?There are no required prompts, although there is a list available above if you need some inspiration ! If none of them speak to you, that's totally fine -- the priority is having fun !How do I get the sticker ?After the event concludes, we'll be sending out a form for you to submit your shipping address so we can start fulfilling stickers. Please make sure you are comfortable sending this information ! If not, we can send you a file so you can print your own ^^The form will be sent via Discord as well as available on the carrd at the end of the event, so be sure to keep an eye open !Why is the posting period a month long ?All of us have real lives that can make participating in events and fanweeks kind of stressful. Snowmori 2023 will be a month long so that way anyone who wants to join is able to -- whether you hear about it in November, or hear about it the day the event starts, the goal is for everyone to have time to create something if they'd like to !

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Here's Ham's Snowmori reference sheet if you'd like to use his design !! Please feel free to create your own as well if you'd like, or alter him to your liking ! There's absolutely no requirement to use this design, it's just there if you want to -- regular Komoris will be happily accepted.

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Prompts are completely optional -- there's no need to do a specific number or do them in particular order. They're just meant to give you some ideas in case you need them !

Warm DrinksSkiing / SnowboardingSnowmenFireplace
LightsIce skatingKotatsuCake
WeaselSobaShrine VisitsFestival
Snowball FightIce SculpturesGiftsFriends

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hello ! am ham.i am an artist and i like winter and komori. i wanted to put together a casual, relaxed event for folks to chill out to. That's it. That's my thesis.

I've had a few years of experience modding discord and community servers, and I've been running an online shop for over two years. As this is a non-profit, no-sale project, so there will be no finances or anything of the sort for you all to worry about. I'm experienced in manufacturing and shipping and am confident that I'll be able to ship these stickers out without too many issues, as this is all very much in my wheelhouse. I've also consulted a number of mods and creators for their feedback on this event to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. You're always welcome to message me feedback as we go !I will be paying for the manufacturing of the stickers, envelopes, and postage myself to keep this a fun and stress-free event for anyone and everyone who would like to participate. This is an event I've been wanting to run for a long time, and I'm just thrilled there's interest in it.While not at all necessary, if you would like to contribute a small donation to help cover the cost of manufacturing and shipping, you can do so at my ko-fi, but please do not feel obligated.Thank you very much for your interest in this event, and I hope you all have a great time !

A winter-themed Komori Event !

open to artists, writers, crafters -- everyone and everyone !

Submit an entry, get a free sticker !

check out the carrd for more info !